Kinky Pony Mystery Pics Solved

Yes, I have been a bad, bad master by not keeping up with this website. The last time we left off was several years ago and someone had sent me these movie pics of some Hot Pony Play, asking who and where??  well, mystery solved with a bonus…Mystery Solved.  The ponygirl is Anne from

The ponygirl is Anne from  and the slave is slave “e” from  – Two very popular slaves and one Anne is a famous fetish/latex/bondage player who has a very large and loyal following.  That’s how I found out who was who here.  By the email response!! Holly Cow, are they Hot and Popular!!

So here’s a replay of the original post and pics.  yes, I added my affiliate links to them and will post more of her soon


Here are a few pic’s emailed to me with the request to find where they are from.  The movies and if there are more of them.  As for ponyplay movies, I haven’t seen anything new in awhile.  nothing of interest or quality anyway.   Any ideas??

ponyplay movie clip

She does have a nice set of tits that could be great for a breast bondage scene.  Not a fan of the rubber bit, but they are popular with the fetish photographers for some reason.

here I like the contrast. One nice titted slave helping the other in pony gear.  Actually the big tits look like my ex-wife.  She was a beauty topless!!   Plenty to play with!!

So if you have any ideas of the movies they are from and where we can see more of these ponygirl’s, please leave us a comment.  ok??

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Discovering PonyPlay

It never fails to come up in conversation “When did you learn about Ponyplay?”  My first introduction to ponyplay was by accident. Well, almost by accident.

Someone had loaned me their tattered, tabbed and dog eared  copy of A.N.Roquelaure’s The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty.  He said I would love the bondage and non-consensual slavery in it.  He was so right.  But there was so much more.

Up until that point, my collection of bondage related smut was just that, bad smut.  Poorly written stories of female slavery, heavy bondage and a lot of kinky sex.  But nothing compared to what I was now reading.

This wasn’t smut.  This was well written, well researched and very graphic tales of  how Sleeping Beauty awakens to find her Prince Charming has taken her as his prize and makes her one of his castle slaves. To be used and abused in so many ways by so many people.

You could tell by the way she wrote, this author was very familiar with the world of S/M, bondage, slavery, pain and punishment.  She had to have had personal experiences with the headspace of a well used slave to write stuff like this.

Of course this was before the world discovered that A.N.Roquelaure was in reality the popular mainstream author Anne Rice! The world of literature was in shock when that became public and the books popularity soared.

I understood why my friend had so many pages tabbed or dog eared.  There were so many parts you wanted to go back and re-read. This was some good shit and I had to race out to find my own copy to finish reading the story!

No sooner did I get my own copy and settle in for a long night of erotic reading, I had hit the infamous Bridal Path.  The perfect world was now before me as I read her accounts of Beauty, Tristan and being forced to march thorough town like a common, everyday pony.  To be forced nude to race like a harness horse and to be treated as such a lowly farm animal, I had found my kinky heaven.

I was raised around horse’s, ponies and carts.  I had experienced the thrill of the power one gets when he has the reins in his hands and the control of the horse before him.  The erotic senses created by the smell of freshly oiled leather as it is placed upon the pony.  I now understood it all.  My vanilla world had finally clashed with my kinky world and there was no turning back!

I Was a Pony Master!

What was your first exposure to PonyPlay??

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