A Year… What a Difference!

Here it is, already the end of November and the end of the year is staring us right int he face. And what a year it has been.  The changes to the Ponyplay scene and everything around the fetish world changed dramatically in these last few months.  It’s hard to keep up with everything.

My plans for this site were dramatic overhaul.  Get out and get some new shots.  meet up with a few players from around the country and to train more ladies in the art of being a pony. Of all the plans, I completed …. None of them….

However, I am now in a much stronger position to move forward on all of them now, than I was back in the spring.  So we shall see.

On a much larger scale, look at how we communicate and find our kink.  How many of us were on twitter or Facebook last year compared to how many are there now?  Or look at Yahoo verses FetLife.  Again, how many of us were on FetLife a year ago verses now??  I would bet that very few of you ever knew of FetLife a year ago, now we are abandoning Yahoo for ponyplay groups on FetLife.

Granted, most of us hung on to our Yahoo Instant Messenger, I have (siranthony_lv) .  But I can;t say when the last time I was on there to check the groups.

At the same time, the number of kink related blogs has exploded.  The cost of hosting and creating a blog has dropped to almost nothing.  It’s cheap! Check Hostgator for best hosting.  For under $5 a month, you can have your own little blog/website and share your life story with the world.  Amazing.

A year ago, I wasn’t even thinking smartphone, mobile messenger or anything like that.  Now, I live off my smartphone.  get my emails and chat with other pony friends and kinky connections.  Tweet and swap photos while on the go (only when safe to do so in traffic!!).

Look at the technology in the palms of our hands today verses a year ago.  Now I can instantly snap a high quality photo of a ponygirl or upload video shot straight from my phone to  youtube, flickr or elsewhere. No need for fancy set ups or studio time.  This is something I only dreamed about last year.

It’s amazing what a year has made.

What has your year been like??

Sir Anthony

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